Straight Six

When left to my own devices in the beer and wine store, I started looking for any brews with station wagons on the label.  It was actually more difficult than I thought.

The Wagoneer was the closest I could get.

IMG_6211 IMG_6210  IMG_6208 IMG_6212

So it was off to the internet, and with a little Google-fu, I found these gems:

LB_Getaway_LowRes_FPO-ONLY woodystoutsidview woodiegold Laurelwood Santa's Woody Barley Wine































Seen any others?  Let us know!

Photo credits: Liftbridge BreweryLost Rhino Brewing, Karl Strauss BrewingLaurelwood Brewing

Exhibit AACA


The goal of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) is “the preservation and enjoyment of automotive history of all types”.  Located in Hershey Pennsylvania, they accomplish this through a variety of national meets, tours, regional events, a historical automobile library, and a world renowned museum.

This year, from May 23 thru Oct 15, the AACA Museum will host a new exhibit entitled A Family Affair: Station Wagons.

If you and the tribe are in Hershey country this summer, stop by and check out the museum’s family trucksters as well as the rest of their collection.

AACA Museum
161 Museum Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Phone: 717.566.7100

Image credit:  AACA

Getting Technical


I’ve always liked technical drawings.  Their precision and objectivity provide an artistic quality to an otherwise utilitarian object generally meant for mass production.


Their clarity of dimension and various perspectives provide a visual style that let you know exactly what the object is intended to be.  That comes in handy when you need to know just how much stuff you can cram in the back when hauling the fam’ cross country on the next vacation.

1987_Volvo 745

Photo credit: Motormayhem, Motorcity-Rally, Smcars